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We create everything that your enterprise needs from training data to working with unstructured text, images and videos for machine learning.
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Improve Your Machine-learning Products with high quality and human-annotated data

Identify every object with our Image Annotation Services to check the dimensions from pixel to Pixel for annotating every image correctly. Our Image Annotation Services having precise algorithm and technologies to get better results and highest accuracy. We execute perfect data science applications for providing finest quality ai products and other services like data labelling services, image tagging services and so on. Webtunix is a data labeling service provider specialized for building Computer Vision applications that always require high quality of image annotation technology and image annotations data for deep learning services.

Why Image annotations Services are Important?
If we talk about Building a Artificial intelligence application using machine learning techniques, then first question arises in mind called Dataset. If your data is structured, clean and Labelled based, the your application will work perfect. Data annotation basically is the process of labelling the data. This data can be in any of the following forms like – images, text, audio, and video. It is well known that machine learning requires a huge amount of data samples to perform actions according to humans and act accordingly.

At Webtunix AI, we have dedicated resources that can fulfil your data annotation requirements for a range of data types be it images, text, voice or videos.

How we do it?

At Webtunix AI, we are a passionate and result driven team that aims at quality service and customer satisfaction. We help in creating not only a voluminous amount of dataset but also a high-quality dataset that helps in building machine learning algorithms simulating a human brain.

With the evolution of mankind, human beings learned to grasp the sensory intelligence with their intelligence. This helps humans to identify the content of the images:

  • What does the image comprises of?
  • Where are the specific people located in a street?
  • How different images are resembling with each other?

These are the type of questions that data annotation focuses on. Digital systems have provided us with answers for a long time. Machines have the ability to read and understand the images. But this requires a lot of programming to recognize the content of images. Artificial intelligence and computer vision technology helps in creating algorithms that can easily identify objects in the images and train them.

Machines also Needs Training

A machine also needs to be trained so that they can identify the objects in the images according to the principles of artificial intelligence. The prerequisite of the training is large number of training data that is in the form of images. These images are first annotated by human beings and these images act as training data for the machines. Machines can identify the objects in the images accurately if they are trained with a huge amount of data.

Take an example of annotation of a typical street scene. This can be done by marking various images with various colors. In doing so, every vehicle, every pedestrian, every traffic signal is given a color. This processed image is then fed to the program. By comparing the similarities and differences, software can gradually recognize what type of visual features a respective image is having. The program also identifies what objects are relevant and which are irrelevant depending on the purpose of the program. Therefore, if a fresh image is given to the software, it will be in a position to annotate the image autonomously.

Image Annotation Tools

The various annotation methods depends on the complexity of the visual templates. Clearly defined objects can be easily marked one dimensionally. While other non linear objects can be marked visible with bounding boxes. This can be done with the help of coloured frames to mark the people or the traffic signals. The next step is cubes. These three dimensional frames can be used to capture the special structure of objects. Therefore, it can be inferred that more exact the image annotation method is, higher is the computation cost. The three dimensional markings can be used in advanced applications like self driving cars and drones.

Services we provide

Data annotation Service has a very wide scope and domain. We, at Webtunix AIis a data labeling service provider that provide you all the data annotation related services under one roof. Data annotation includes services like text analysis, tagging, semantic annotation, image annotation, annotations with various kinds of objects (cars, trees, building etc).

Have a look at the various services we have offered to our clients around the globe:

1. Tagging

Tagging is the process of labelling the data so as to make data more structured and organized. This data helps in training the machine learning algorithms. At Webtunix AI which is a data labeling service provider, we deal with various types of tagging.

For example:

  • Tagging of postures, gestures and facial expressions in the images.
  • Tagging words according to sentiments, emotions and misspelled words etc.
  • Tagging of persons, objects like buildings, cars, trees etc. In the images.

2. Semantic Annotation

  • Semantic annotation means to annotate an object which is based on the concept of its predefined semantics. In simple words, semantic annotation deals with attaching additional information to a piece of data that is in the machine-understandable form.
  • With Semantic Annotation, data becomes more structured and in a machine-readable form. In this way, machines can interpret data in more informal also on the basis of filtration, labelling and searching. Webtunix AI helps you in improving machine Learning Algorithms and delivers you the quality results.

3. Image Annotation

  • Image annotation is a process in which computer system adds metadata, caption, and title to images with the help of machine learning. Thus, adding more information to the images, making them more understandable by machine learning algorithms. In addition to this, it deals in recognizing persons, their facial expressions, objects, animals etc.
  • At Webtunix AI which is a data labeling service provider, we provide a quality image annotation service. Just provide us the details of your requirements and keywords. Our team will come up with an effective and robust solution to your problem.

4. Semantic Analysis

  • Semantic analysis deals with training the machines to get an insight into the meaning behind the sentences of humans. It does so by analyzing numerous sentences and judging them as humans would do. With the help of semantic analysis, we can determine the tone, attitude, and emotions behind the words.
  • Semantic analysis has found its applications in social media monitoring where it can get an insight of human emotions.
  • We, Webtunix AI as a team has provided quality results in implementing the semantic analysis solutions. And our happy customers around the globe are our motivation and driving force to perform better.

5. Traffic video labelling

Webtunix is offering Computer Vision Training Dataset services to Clients across the world over past years with excellent quality and significant presence in Industry. We can handle any kind of requirements related to computer vision applications and object detection and recognition services. We offered tight, accurate and label high-quality data to help our clients to optimize AI technologies and machine learning algorithms.

  • Traffic video labelling system helps in keeping an eye on the traffic system. It helps in evaluating a number of vehicles crossing a certain point, type of vehicle, time of crossing etc. It also gives the registration detail of the vehicles making it perfect for the advanced security systems. More advanced systems help in evaluating the occupancy of the vehicle.
  • At Webtunix AI, we provide state of the art solution that is perfectly tailored according to your needs of traffic video labelling.

Image Identity Protection Anonymizer

While collecting the street scene data, there are possible chances to collect the person information of people, so we can help you the remove the person’s face identity and deliver you exact match of data. Our team can blur the irrelevant parts like Face, Vehicle number plate to increase the image quality. In this case, we can have hide and blur the person’s identity.

Improve your Business Analytics with our training data.

Better data is the key for the better products. We train you data for Machine Learning and better business analytics. We can annotate, collect, evaluate and translate any type of data in any language.