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Artificial Intelligence Companies fulfil the needs of your enterprise from training data to working with the unorganized text, images and videos for Machine Learning.
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Human and Computer Vision

Webtunix AI is a Data Science consulting firm that helps Companies to build analytic skills, develop competencies, and understand the machinations of their business. It helps AI companies to do research on Human and computer vision, and also has the power to make camera super intelligent with Computer vision and Artificial Intelligence in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, China, Ukraine, Singapore, Brazil, and India.

Low Light

Automatically adjusts settings according to the lighting conditions and eradicates the low light problem in your images and make them more attractive.

Object Removal

Remove undesired objects from images according to your needs, like they were never present in the image.

Background Removal

Remove or modify the background environment according to your requirements.


Enhance your images with our image beautify tool that makes your image look magnificent and of high definition.

Face Contouring

Our computer vision platform can improve your images with face contouring and customization that results in a rejuvenated appearance.


Transform your low light and low-standard images into high definition images with the help of our HDR+ tool.


The “human-in-the-loop” Image annotation service provided by Webtunix can annotate images, texts, and videos.

Sementic Segmentation

We are Data Science Consulting Firm that works with semantic segmentation tool, used for feature detection and to train the perception models in the non-enviornmental objects of interest.

  • Full pixel semantic segmentation
  • Panoptic segmentation solution
  • Individually segment the object of same classes
sementic segmentation
video annotation

Video Annotation

We offer Video Annotation Tool that provides a powerful analysis of multiple simultaneous dimensions of communication. Try out our video and image annotation tools for your business.

  • Locate and track the objects frame by frame
  • Object tracking for autonomous cars
  • Train the self-driving prediction models for vehicles

3D Point Cloud Annotation

Our Data Science Consulting firm offers the 3D Point Cloud Annotation tool that is designed to annotate objects in a point cloud scene.This tool is built on high-quality point labeling that improves the perception models.

  • Powered with the heading, yaw, and tracklets of objects accurate up to 1 cm with 3D boxes.
  • Understand the movement of objects in any environment.
  • Polyline annotation tool for the lane tracking and guided navigation.
3D Point Cloud Annotation


Our Data Science Consulting Company offers dedicated and the best solutions for the point annotation in the satellite imagery, which captures images of Earth or other planets.

  • Can be used to detect and count the minor objects
  • Used for the pose-point annotations
  • Detect the facial features for face recognition

Our Solutions

Our end to end business solutions powers the world’s smartest businesses.

Artificial Intelligence

Webtunix is the world leader in Artificial Intelligence technology and the applications it serves. It works on almost all the advanced Artificial Intelligence services like Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Data analytics, Predictive analysis, Natural Language Processing, Reinforcement Learning, Computer vision, and many more. Webtunix is a renowned Data Science consulting firm that offers the best to best services in USA, Canada, United Arab Emirates, and India.

We, at Webtunix, design and develop the programs by pushing the AI boundaries, that can solve any complex issue without needing to be taught. Our aim is to extend the human potential by eliminating the repetitive tasks. Artificial Intelligence is one of the most important and widely beneficial scientific advances ever made that increases the ability to comprehend the various mysteries of the universe and to handle the most pressing real-world challenges in everyday lives. We create every Artificial Intelligence application that empowers your Industry to reach the highest levels.

Artificial Intelligence
Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Webtunix offers the topmost Business Intelligence solutions that includes data analytics consulting, development and testing for abolishing the guesswork and take advantage from the planned decision making. The complex and competitive information is presented to the planners and decision makers. We, the Data Science Consulting firm, helps to make more better and intelligent business decisions that will keep your business ahead in the competition by making correct decision at the correct time. In today’s world, organizations must make decisions at an increasingly faster pace, and the business intelligence tools offered at Webtunix help the decision makers to access the information needed without having to first go through the IT department or specifically designated data scientists. We provide the best business solutions for all the projects we undertake. The BI tools of webtunix improves the timeliness and standard of inputs given to the decision process. We optimize your business processes to take decisions automatically and deliver in real time in cost optimized and efficient way. We design a value based artificial intelligence software system for the automated decision making for various businesses.

AI-Driven Modeling For Business Infrastructure

Compatible with your Workflow and Infrastructure

Our Services

Our purpose is to make AI simple and easy for you. We focus on the end results and provide you with the technology, skills and people you need to bring AI into your business.

Hire our data science services and drive your businesses to success. Webtunix is among top machine learning companies that are ready to serve you in every possible way. We assist companies working on artificial intelligence, AI startups as well as small and large organizations.

Human And Computer Vision

We are the perfect choice, when selecting Data Science Consulting firm, in building a computer vision solution. Our services cover almost every sector of concern. Our human and computer vision platform offers solutions such as object detection, image classification, object tagging, video object tracking, and semantic segmentation.

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Natural Language Processing(NLP)

NLP enables computer systems to analyze, understand and then act on information input through the normal human language. With Natural Language Processing, we can improvise the conversational interfaces of your business and handle the communications between humans and machines. NLP is utilized in the semantic search, autocomplete, lemmatization, faceted search group and many more services.

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Speech and Audio

Artificial Intelligence Companies offer the services of audio and video classification models that can also be used to label the semantic segmentation. We have designed the real-time speech to text transcription system and speech categorization platforms reinforced by the machine learning models.

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Data Reinforcement and Categorization

The data reinforcement learning is used to maximize the total cumulative reward by finding the right action model. We offer a unique human in the loop data reinforcement platform that is customizable to a great level. We have successfully achieved various data categorization and reinforcement jobs such as text extraction from PDF, product categorization, content deduplication, and moderation.

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Video Object Tracking

Video Object Tracking systems examine the video frames and gives the movement of targets between the frames as a result. Webtunix tracks people, animals or objects in a video by assigning them unique ID’s to know their behaviour like from where they are coming and where they are heading, along with their speeds. We track objects 100 times faster than the manual annotations.

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Image Annotation

Webtunix, being an artificial intelligence company, has the ability to handle any type of requirements in the image annotation field. We provide text, video and image annotation solutions, and our platform is highly customizable. The services of image annotation offered by us makes it easier for clients to develop high-quality training data sets that can be used to train and optimize AI technologies and machine learning algorithms. We offer a wide range of data annotation services like business data collection, product categorization, text extraction from PDF, model verification and many more.

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Our Industries

Webtunix offers every Artificial Intelligence service that is needed by a business. It does not matter what business you belong to, we provide AI solutions for your every issue.

Health Care

Our artificial intelligence services are shaping healthcare, by providing solutions for hospitals and clinics. The services offered are virtual health assistants, fraud detection, medication management system, digital consultation, and many more.

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Webtunix is a Data analytics consulting Company that develops new services in sports as well. We offer predictive analysis for NASCAR, MiLB, NBA, NHL, and many more. Our Gaming odds offer Standing Picks, winning and losing probability of various teams.

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Cyber Security

We use AI and machine learning techniques to enhance the defensive power and speed required to tackle huge volumes of attacks with countless variations. It makes the analysts to respond to threats with greater confidence and speed, and provide the notifications of upcoming attacks.

Cyber Security
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Telecom Industry

The telecommunication industry is rapidly growing industry that uses ML, and AI to improve the customer service. Webtunix designs Artificial Intelligence based applications like Network Operations Monitoring & Management, Intelligent CRM systems, Customer service & marketing VDA’s, and many more.

Telecom Industry
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E-Commerce businesses use AI to build better Customer Relationships. They try to understand their customers in a more better way. Services like product recommender system, computer vision applications, apparel recommendation engine systems and various others are provided here at Webtunix.

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Stock Market

Webtunix, an AI company, has the power to predict the direction of stocks and the moves of other traders with sentiment analysis (categorization of opinions). It has the ability to evaluate thousands of stocks in moments. AI, ML and Deep Learning helps to predict the stocks market fluctuation, profitable trading and automated share trading.

Stock Market
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Webtunix is Data Science Consulting Company serving data analytics services in San francisco, Texas, Virginia, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and India. We offer end to end Artificial Intelliigence services to your business to make your insights more better. We identify your business needs and how your data can help you to achieve it and what return you can have on your investment.

We provide our customers with a fully managed service to support every stage of their journey. We just don't sell software solution and leave you to it like other artificial intelligence companies. From implementing and onboarding our AI system to monitoring and evaluating the results, we will be with you in every step of the way to success. This is the reason webtunix is one of the well-known data science consulting company from other artificial intelligence companies in United States, Canada, UAE, United Kingdom, Japan, China, Turkey, Singapore and India.

Our Machine learning resources are designed revolving around the security and confidentiality at its core and protect your business data throughout your time with us.

The Complete Machine Learning solution for your business using data analytics services and techniques, fully implemented and deployed in your system. We are Serving data science consulting Services Across the World Like United States, Canada, United Kingdom, China, Ukraine, Libya, Singapore, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Malasyia, india and many other countries include detailed insights and reporting from our expert team.

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