Speech Processing

Webtunix provides the service of speech processing and speech to text conversion softwares that enable a machine to single out words or phrases in a spoken language, and convert them into a machine-readable format.
speech recognition services

Today, speech recognition is considered as one of the disruptive technologies that makes huge impact in banking, insurance, retail and manufacturing industries. The global market value of speech to text software is estimated to grow from USD $456 million in 2014 to 1.33 billion by the year 2019 according to reports from Markets.

Speech recognition solutions and speech to text softwares enable natural, human-like conversations with machines and can achieve very high accuracy levels with appropriate fine tuning around vernacular attributes. With its enormous growth and rising popularity, speech to text software is becoming increasingly mainstream among different industries and enterprises. In India, where 70% of the country’s population is involved in the agriculture industry, speech technology has started playing a critical role using user friendly speech solutions to rural farmers.


  • Speech to text software
  • Text to Speech
  • Sound Localization
  • Voice Recognition
  • Voice Tagging
  • Automatically Adding Sounds to Silent Movies
  • Music Generation
  • Music Tagging
  • Echo Cancellation

Webtunix Solutions is a leading machine learning organization that helps you to provide intelligent web services of speech to text conversion softwares. At Webtunix, you can get plenty of machine learning Services such as Web Scraping, Data Mining, Object Detection, Video and Image Processing, Natural language processing and many more.

Signals are ubiquitous across many research and development domains. Engineers and scientists need to process, analyze, and extract information from time-domain data as part of their day-to-day responsibilities. In a range of predictive analytics applications, signals are the raw data that machine learning systems must be able to leverage for the purpose of creating understanding and for informing decision-making. Our complete range of AI services include- speech processing, natural language processing services, speech to text applications, text to speech services and ai chatbot application development.

For a company like Google or Amazon, hundreds and thousands of hours of spoken audio getting recorded in real-life situations is gold. That’s the single biggest thing that separates their world-class speech recognition system from your hobby system. The whole point of putting Google Now and Siri on every cell phone for free or selling $50 Alexa units having no subscription fee is to help you to use them as much as possible.

Main features of Signal Processing are:

  • Signal manipulation and visualization
  • Design and application of digital filters
  • Frequency-domain analysis
  • Automatic peak detection
  • Feature extraction from signals
  • Training and testing of simple neural networks

Every single thing you say into one of these systems is recorded forever and used as a training data for future versions of speech recognition algorithms and speech to text software.

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