Human And
Computer Vision

We train computers to successfully examine the real and virtual world through images and photos, and huge amount of information can be collected at a faster rate than humans can on their own. We implement computer vision and image processing techniques to drive the best results for your business. Computer vision in artificial intelligence holds the power of transforming your businesses with the proper computer vision applications.
webtunix image-classification service

Image Classification

Webtunix helps in categorizing the image at an enterprise scale. Our image classification services makes the labelling of everything to be quick and accurate. The images can get classified on the basis of quality, content type or any other custom criteria chosen by you.

Object Detection

The basic requirement of a computer vision project is the in-image labels. The tools of object detection include bounding boxes, line labels, polygons, and quality checks for getting the accurate labels for sure.

webtunix object-detection service
webtunix object-tagging service

Object tagging

The best solution is provided to identify multiple classes and the multiple instances of various objects. Webtunix annotators work by selecting a class from the relation created by you and then labels each instance by following your instructions. Our platform supports hundreds of classes and your images can get labelled according to your requirements.

Semantic Segmentation

The semantic segmentation tool of Webtunix helps in labelling each pixel of an image for detailed understanding of images that solves the basic computer vision problem into image segmentation deep learning.

webtunix semantic-segmentation service
video-object-tracking service

Video object tracking

The video object tracking tool boosts the machine learning model by labelling the videos 100 times faster than the human annotators. The human annotators work by labelling the objects in the first frame and then continuing it in the next frames. The accuracy is totally dependent on the changes made by the human annotators when the objects move in the video. But the Webtunix solutions work by relabelling each object.

Landmark Tagging

The landmark tagging tool identifies the spots and labels them accordingly to get the landmarks on the object. The landmark tagging feature is used in face recognition system and robotics as well. Our dot tool will help you to train your models on the key points belonging to multiple classes from your set of interrelated characteristics.

landmark-tagging service

Improve your Business Analytics with our training data.

Better data is the key for the better products. We train you data for Machine Learning and better business analytics. We can annotate, collect, evaluate and translate any type of data in any language.