Bounding boxes for object detection, classification, and localization in images and videos. We implement best image bounding box annotation tolls that provide you accurate results everytime. We provide numerous bounding box image processing applications, bounding box computer vision applications, bounding box data labelling and image annotation services that perfectly suit your requirements.
object localization bonuding boxes service

Use Cases

object localization bonuding boxes service

Object Localization for autonomous vehicles

Extensively used to train the autonomous vehicles perception models for the other vehicles, traffic, pedestrians, signals, and other obstacles.

Automatic tagging of clothing in E-commerce

Used for the visual searches and automatic tagging of clothes and fashion accessories for E-commerce.

automatic tagging bounding boxes service

Improve your Business Analytics with our training data.

Better data is the key for the better products. We train you data for Machine Learning and better business analytics. We can annotate, collect, evaluate and translate any type of data in any language.