Speech and

Webunix speech and audio service converts your spoken words into text with the use of machine learning. Don’t worry about the way you speak and do not try to adjust your words because our speech recognition systems can understand you perfectly in any way you speak. Webtunix offers computer vision as a service that covers a range of services like image recognition services, face recognition service, speech to text services.
real time speech to text conversion

Speech to Text

Speech Recognition services is another special tool provided by us. To understand audio, the very first step is to transcribe audio to text. The real-time speech to text conversion is offered at Webtunix, which denotes the exact transcription of words into text some moments after its utterance. The result is highly accurate and precised. It doesn’t matter from which country you belong to or what language you speak, we offer transcription in all the major languages.

Audio Categorization

Webtunix helps you to deeply understand the audio that you want to analyze. We offer human-in-the-loop solution to determine the sentiments and emotions behind the statement. You can categorize the sub parts of the audio and spot the important points as well.

audio categorization

Improve your Business Analytics with our training data.

Better data is the key for the better products. We train you data for Machine Learning and better business analytics. We can annotate, collect, evaluate and translate any type of data in any language.