Create a Chatbot Application that people will Love

Create a Chatbot Application that people will Love

Chatbots have become a familiar name in customer interaction and customer support service. Artificial intelligence-powered chatbots provide advanced customer handling. Businesses are shifting towards Chatbots for better user experience. Various big players like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon has understood the importance of chatbots in the businesses. They are constantly trying to improve the chatbot service and unlock the potential of chatbots. Smaller businesses are also using chatbots and getting benefitted from it.

What are Chatbots?

Chatbots are built using artificial intelligence algorithms. Chatbots can interact with the human and are able to simulate the human conversation. They automate the repetitive queries allowing your precious resources to do more useful work for you.

Advantages of using Chatbots

The various advantages of using Chatbots are:

  • They can effectively answer customer queries.
  • They can build brand awareness among the audience.
  • They can help you boost your sales.
  • They are available 24/7 at the customer service.
  • They can convert leads into customers.
  • They can keep the customer engaged and guide the customer through your website.

Chatbot development is not a difficult task. You can create your own chatbot if you do not have any programming knowledge also. There are many tools available over the internet that help in creating your own chatbots. However, they might not be fully customized and tailored liked programmed one but they can solve the purpose for you. Here we will discuss 10 tips that will help you build an addictive chatbot application.

 1. Use Chatbot building Software

The easiest way to creating a Chatbot application is to take the help of chatbot building software. There are many websites also that provide you the code script and you have to just copy-paste the script on your website and you are ready to go. However, these have little or no chance of customization. Some advanced tools and software allow you to do the same. They are more customizable than the previous one. They can perform basic functionality that is common in all businesses. Benefits of using Chatbot building platform is:

You do not have to be a coder to build the chatbot as making chatbot is easy with these tools.

You can leverage your sales by showing offers and discounts using these chatbots.

Building and implementing chatbots in the website using software tools is relatively simple and less time-consuming.

They can be integrated with the majority of the payment systems.

2. Define Goals

Before building your Chatbot application, you have to make sure that what do you want from the chatbot. You have to define your goals and expectations from that chatbots. Do not try to make your chatbot master every task. Rather design your chatbot in such a way that it can master one task with full capability rather than designing the chatbot that can perform a hundred tasks but none with efficiency. So try to focus on quality rather than quantity.

3. Name your Chatbot

Name your chatbot so that the customers can remember him. Project the chatbots as he is one of your company employees. This will help the customers in relating to the chatbot. Naming a chatbot also helps customers in finding it over the internet. The name should be catchy, unique and appealing so that it can be remembered easily.

4. Keep your chatbot ready at service

Keep your chatbots ready at the service of the clients. If the customers visit your website, make chatbot to greet them and welcome them. Make chatbots ask the clients about what they want. Make your chatbot interface easily visible on the website. In this way, the customer is more likely to interact with the chatbots.

5. Make the conversation natural

Chatbots development companies should program the chatbots to be more natural. The chatbots should be designed such that the conversation looks natural to the user. The user should not feel that he is talking to a machine. Make your chatbot such that it can understand the queries asked and respond quickly. It should encourage the user to ask more queries. This will help in getting more information about the user.

6. Keep it simple 

Keep the chatbot simple at first. Do not try to add too much functionality or algorithms in the beginning. Design the chatbots in a way that they use simple and everyday file language. Do not use abbreviations or terminologies that users can't understand. By getting feedback from the users. You can make the next version with more functionalities and features.

7. Evaluate the performance

Evaluate the performance of the chatbots at a regular interval of time. Analyze how customers are responding to the chatbot. Where they are finding a problem or where they are getting the exact solution. Using customer chat history you can also note the frequently asked questions and improve the answers of the chatbot. This will help you in improving the chatbot in the next version.

8. Personalize the chatbots

Make your customers feel special by personalizing the chat. Always use the name of the user to address him. Ask them what’s going on or how they are doing! You can also make chatbots remember the birthdays, anniversary and other special occasions and greet the user. In this way, the user will feel more connected and engage with the AI chatbot service. This also helps in improving the brand value of the business.

9. Gather data form customers

Chatbots are great for gathering the data. You have to make sure what data you want from the customers. This will help the chatbot to understand the customer much better. Like E-commerce websites can collect apparel preferences, color choices of the clients. This will help chatbots in recommending the clothes for the customers. A customer gets a good user experience and it also improves the sales of the brand.

10. Add one feature at a time

Always try to add a single feature at a time. This not only helps the chatbot development team to focus on one single feature but also the users who can understand the feature properly. Market the new feature of the chatbot and see how people are responding to it. Do not bombard the chatbots with many features at a time. This can hamper the performance of chatbots. Also, users might find it difficult to understand the various features.


In this article, we listed ten great tips that can help you in building an addictive chatbot. Chatbots are gradually becoming an integral part of any business. The businesses want to use a chatbot to its full potential. They are finding new ways in which chatbots can help in easing the operations. Webtunix AI is a chatbot development company that is helping businesses in building chatbot applications according to their needs and requirements.

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